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Stray Pup Saved In Dangerous Daring Rescue

Faith in mankind has been restored, watch as a group of strangers risk their safety to save a lost pup. from being washed away.

The lost pup seemed to be stranded in the middle of the trench as the raging water seemed to be picking up speed. A brave stranger jumped over the rail sliding down into the trench to come to the aid of the pup at the risk to his own safety, the man manages to get to the pup and safely carry it back to the side of a reservoir while trying to fight the flowing current.

A group of on lookers then formed a human chain, then they begin to struggle to try lift the pup, however they realize the chain is short and the man in the reservoir needs to join up to make the chain long enough. The smart pup seems to understand what is happening and patiently waits, another man jumps over the rail to help and make the chain longer. They manage to make the chain longer and successfully come together and get the pup and man safely out of the reservoir.

Thanks to these kind people, this pup was saved. Congratulations and well done to the kind heroes.

Watch the video of this daring rescue.

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