The heartwarming story of the dog named Mandela that was abandoned in a box outside a shelter in Florida

This story unfolded on Saturday the 18th of August 2018. The image of a dachshund outside of a Florida shelter was heartbreaking. The dog could not stand and was covered in bite marks so the community shelter reached out for emergency rescue.

The Dachshund’s tragic story unfolded as Dachshund Rescue South Florida arrived at the shelter. The dog had been named Mandela. At the back of the shelter they found a motionless bundle wrapped in a towel in a cage.

They carefully placed his weakened dog’s body in a laundry basket and rushed him to the Leader Animal Specialty Hospital where staff had been waiting for his emergency arrival.

Mandela only managed to pick up his head up twice throughout the whole journey and never made a single sound. His fur was grimy to the touch and his head was covered with scabs and scrapes and small open wounds; his face looked like it was swollen.

The wounds told the story but it was never known what that story was and where the wounds came from.

Mandela had been a bait dog and was evaluated to determine the extent of his injuries.

2 months after Mandela’s treatment he was looking fine and doing okay. The photos are below:


Thanks to the South Dachshund Rescue Florida for his rescue.

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