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Rescue dog saves best friend from a snake and gets bitten instead

Dog saves woman from snake bite

Dogs have a great way of showing appreciation whenever good deeds are done. You just have to give it to them, we can even call them the masters of appreciation. The story of this dog will show you that he did it entirely out of love for the family and seems to prove exactly that.

In the wild for dogs, it is all about survival. They live together, they hunt together and protect each other from danger. That is how they make it. When a dog is domesticated the family becomes part of the pack. Threatening the pack will lead to consequences. Well, you have a pretty good idea of what is going to happen.

The story of Guinness the Rescue dog

All that aside, this is a story of a rescue dog named Guinness who showed love for the foster family. This rescue dog is hailed a hero for what he did. One fine day Guinness, the niece of his foster family  Jenna Castello and her friend Joshua Chavez were taking a stroll in Jefferson County, Colorado. The couple in the company if Guinness was enjoying a hike through the Deer Creek Canyon Park when Castello came upon a rattlesnake. At this point, if I was in that scenario, I would freak out and piss on myself. I am actually really afraid of snakes and have never come face to face with a rattlesnake.

As you all know rattlesnakes are extremely poisonous. A bite from one of them could be fatal in minutes. But, the dog had a plan as he knew the snake was dangerous and had to protect his human friend. He put his life in the line and stood between Jenna and the snake. In short, he acted as a shield. Unfortunately, he was bitten twice, once in the face and the paw before the snake left.

Watch the video below for the whole story on Guinness the rescue dog:


Joshua quickly took Guinness in his car and rushed to the animal hospital in a bid to save his life. The good thing is that it actually worked and the dog’s life was saved. If Joshua was not quick enough to rush him to the hospital, the venom would have reached the hound’s heart.

rescue dog
Guinness the hero

Guinness is a hero. Being a foster and rescue dog and just 6 months old he figured out what to do when the family faced danger.

There you go WOOOF!!!!!!

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