Puppy that was nearly blinded by maggots gets rescued

This is a rescue story of a puppy that took place in India. The puppy was called Tinker. Rescuers got a call of a puppy that could not open his eyes.

The pup was barely a month old and when he got out of the bushes neighbors saw that his eyes were closed stuck oozing pus and blood. Blood got out of his eyes like tears. He had several deep holes. In hot seasons maggots can burrow into wounds in just a day.

He was given medicine for his pain and immediately started antibiotics. Both of his eyes were filled with maggots. Rescuers were afraid his eyes could get damaged.

The pup was sedated so that they could remove the maggots. The pup was so scared because he could not see and just wanted to hide. His little eyes had hardly been opened from birth when the world became dark again.

The infection took 6 days to clear. Tinker had a lot to explore. Tinker is now well thanks to the rescuers.


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