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Luna the dog with a “moon” eye

Moon Eyed Dog Luna

Luna is an internet sensation. She is named Luna more specifically for her moon eyes. She has a condition that makes her have this adorable look. The condition is known as Heterochromia.

Heterochromia is a difference in coloration due to the production and concentration of melanin that can affect the iris, hair, or fur, and skin. When it affects the iris it can be complete. Resulting in an eye colored differently from the other, or sectoral, when the same iris has two distinct colors.

Luna, a fabulous mongrel dog based in Moscow, Russia, has sectoral heterochromia iridium. Her left eye is half light blue and half brown, resembling a crescent moon. Her right eye, on the other hand, is completely light blue. As we can see from her face, heterochromia slightly affected her fur too.

Needless to say, Luna’s distinctive looks and smart facial expression caught the attention of many animal lovers. They appreciate her photos on the Instagram she shares with her kitty friend Cherry.

We selected some of Luna’s best photos just for you. So scroll down and enjoy the pictures of one of the most adorable mongrels of Instagram Luna.

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