Dog Had Half His Face Hacked Off By A Drunken Man With A Machete

If an image of Wacku popped up on your social media feed, you would possibly assume that he was a dog who was on the point of going viral on account of his exceptionally long tongue. an Instagram video of Wacku shows his tongue sticking out from his mouth like he’s some kind of adorable cartoon frog-canine hybrid.

But if you take a closer look, you will see that Wacku is actually a survivor of a horrific attack. It was carried out by a drunken man with a machete.

The incident left half of Wacku’s sweet face and snout hacked off. Wacku managed to recover from the ordeal. After three years sitting on the shelf at the PAWS shelter, he was still without a home. Thankfully, he’s now being brought to the USA by the Road Dogs & Rescue organization. It looks like he’ll finally find his happy place.

Recapping the incident that left Wacku with a permanently halved face, Nikki Carvey from Road Dogs says,

“It was random. The guy was a drunk crazy and just attacked Wacku who was in his owner’s jeep [at the time].”

A post from the PAWS organization (dated December of last year) states that Wacku’s owner did file charges against the drunk man “but the case is still ongoing and a volunteer attends the hearings.”

Despite all the violence and drama in his early life, Wacku doesn’t seem like a dog to hold grudges against humans. Nikki characterizes him as a “really sweet and happy boy.”

He can usually be found enthusiastically wagging his tail and seeking out human affection.

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