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Can some dog breeds be smarter than their owner

One typical thing a new aspiring dog owner should consider before adding a dog to their lives is the intellectual capacity of the dog. As smart dogs require a bit more attention than they as the owner may be able or willing to give.

The following dogs do not make a particularly good match for the typical owner nor a first-time dog owner:

Border Collie (Australian Cattle Dog) – Also known as a Blue Heeler

They have some SERIOUS and I do mean SERIOUS endurance. The Australian Cattle Dog is a mixture of about six different breeds and all of those breeds are known to be stubborn, hard to train and have lots of energy to spare. They also have no fear and can injure themselves in their adventures.

The Border Collie is one of the smartest dog breeds of all time. They can and will outsmart you if you aren’t on top of your game. Considering that, they require a tremendous amount of attention, mental and physical stimulation and endurance.

Airedale Terrier

high, high energy, notorious digger, independent, intelligent and stubborn; not so great with other dogs or animals.


Bullmastiff are considered to have a mind of their own, HUGE weighing about (100–130 lbs) and can easily overwhelm an inexperienced owner; high prey drive and should not be left off leash; doesn’t really play well with other dogs and follow him with a mop because he’s a big, ole drool machine.


It’s NOT so much the dog’s behavior as it is the myriad of health issues this dog has genetically due to his very heavy build and flat face. They’re very sensitive to heat, exercise, and stress.

They’re also stubborn and very hard to train without constant consistency. Also, be prepared for skin issues if you’re not diligent in wiping clean and drying their many folds.

Siberian Husky – ALL HUSKIES – Alaskan Malamute

These are working dogs and love the cold and were bred to do long haul pulling of sleds so they require a LOT of physical exercises and mental exercise.

They shed heavily and are known escape artists with a very strong predatory drive and not a good choice for a home with cats or other small pets because of this. (They’re also very loud, very vocal chatters and howlers.)

Saint Bernard

OH, he’s an incredibly loving giant of a dog (130 – 180 lbs) of work! He drools and drools and drools and they’re known to eat everything and anything not nailed down which could run you TONS of money in vet bills and can even kill your dog. They’re also prone to heatstroke as they’re bred for much colder climates.

German Shepherd

My favorite breed and they require a very experienced owner/trainer and even I would not touch this breed. They’re suited to working and really do need a JOB! They are highly intelligent and there is little they cannot do without the RIGHT training and that is why he is NOT a dog for beginners or newbies. They can also come with some serious health issues with hip and neurological issues.


Another working class dog with an endless need for exercise and can be very, very destructive when bored or left alone at home for long. They shed something terrible and it’s a course hair that threads itself into everything. Little known fact, about Dalmatians they have a genetic predisposition of deafness which makes training them even harder.


Serious attachment issues with their owners causing separation anxiety. They are also a very high energy dog with no “off” button and they are NOT happy being left alone.

Difficult to housetrain and a hazard to cats and other small pets. Unless you’re a hunter or major hiker or are going to commit to obedience and agility course with him, not a good beginner dog. (They are gorgeous though, “Gray Ghosts” because of their gorgeous coat color.)


He can be a gentle giant, but the wrong rottweiler matched with the wrong owner can be a truly terrifying mix. They want to be the boss and if you’re not dominant enough, they will be the boss.

They’re powerful and protective and considering he can weigh as much as 135 lbs., mostly made up of pure muscle, he can back up his growls and he will.

Chinese Shar-Pei

This dog absolutely needs an assertive, experienced owner to train him and keep him from getting bored. They’re highly territorial and bond with one person, which leaves them distrustful of other people and dogs he doesn’t know. Also, its another dog which you have to be vigilant in washing and drying all of those wrinkles and they have chronic skin and eye conditions.

Chow Chow

As adorable and gorgeous as these fluff butts are? They are NOT known for being a lovey-dovey breed. He’s intelligent but highly stubborn and requires quite a lot of training. They are also another breed wary of strangers and tend to be aggressive towards other dogs – especially those not known.


A hunting dog meant to hunt big game (think bears, elk). They can reach up to 115 lbs or more and absolutely need at the very minimum a challenging walk 30-minutes each day and always on leash due to their very strong prey drive. Also sheds heavily and can be notoriously stubborn.

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  1. Dogs are bound by nature to remain intellectually inferior to man, but we owe them a chance to develop their native intelligence by training, teaching, and working with them as much and as often as we can.

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