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smartest dog
A border collie is considered the smartest dog breed

In our number one spot for the smartest dog breeds is the Border Collie. They are able to take several roles and responsibilities. They are also trainable and can become guard dogs or sheepdogs.

The abilities of this dog are far ranging and they never cease to surprise us. As the Border Collie is a very active dog they need an equally active owner who wants to do exercises with them on a daily basis.

You will also be pleased to have a Border Collie as your companion if you enjoy hiking, camping and running. The owners need to commit time and energy to such a smart dog by mentally stimulating them every day. 


smartest dog
a poodle puppy

Second place goes to a poodle who is not only one of the most intelligent breeds but also the most famous type of show dog. In fact, poodles were bred to be hunting dogs but they have been considered excellent pets since they 15th century.

Poodles are full of energy and are great at learning all kinds of tricks. In general, the Poodle is considered a very sociable dog and always ready to please their owner and can be found following them around cheerfully.

In addition, the Poodle behaves brilliantly with small children. They can spend lots of time doing exercise, playing and performing tricks in exchange for tricks. 


Smartest dog
A fully grown German Shepherd 

Third, on our list of the smartest dog breed of the smartest dog breeds is the German Shepherd.  

Sometimes believed to be a dangerous dog German Shepherds are actually very sensitive, intelligent and intuitive. They only tend to be dangerous if they are acting out of mistreatment or protecting their owners from perceived threats.

They are widely used by security forces due to their agility and willingness to quickly obey orders from whoever their master is. This dog breed is a brave guard. They are also great defenders that were originally bred and selected to be working dogs. As such pleasing, their owner is one of the dog’s top priorities. You should know that this dog needs to do lots of daily physical exercise if they live in an apartment or small home.  


Golden retrievers
An adult Golden retriever

In millions of homes, you can find the Golden retriever. This is due to its popularity. They are beautiful dogs developed to assist in hunting and retrieving prey from the water.

Golden Retrievers are energetic and excellent swimmers. Thus they can perform small types of tasks if they get proper training. They are also known to assist police officers as sniffers and rescue dogs. Golden Retrievers are excellent companions and to be good at providing therapy services. They are tolerant, caring and can play for hours. 



They are not only one of the smartest dog breeds but also one that is capable of learning in general. Breeders bred the Doberman to be loyal dogs. They were actually not bred to be aggressive dogs as most might perceive them.

Dobermanns are intelligent and also very peaceful and tolerant of their human families including the little ones. They can develop very deep bonds with their carers.  

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