Cavapoo- The definitive guide to a Cavapoo

cavapoo hybrid

About the Cavapoo

Cavapoo is an intelligent and sturdy crossbreed between a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

This breed is also known as the Cavoodle, Cavoos, Cavipoo, Cavadoodle, or Cavapoodle. Cavapoo is known for his sweet expression, being sociable, friendly and being a family pet.

This dog gets his charms from both of his parents that are outgoing, playful and loving. These are traits that have made them popular among dog lovers.

Table of Contents

1.About the Cavapoo
2. Cavapoo history?
3.General Characteristics
4.Feeding a Cavapoo
5.Exercise requirements
6.Cavapoo grooming
7.Cavapoo Training requirements
8.Known health issues with this Poodle mix
9.Pros and cons of the Cavapoo
10.Breeds Similar to the Cavapoo
11.Breed summary

Initially, Cavapoos were bred to be hypoallergenic dogs and that makes them great for them if you suffer from allergies.

definitive Cavapoo guide

Cavapoos are part of a growing trend of dog breeds that are known as designer dogs. Cavapoos are known as the most popular of the designer dogs.

Being a crossbreed means that each dog has its unique traits but the breed is becoming more consistent in terms of looks and personality. It is important that when you are out searching for a Cavapoo that you can never be sure what you might get. You can either get the worst or the best traits from the parent dog’s traits. At other times you may even get a dog that looks more like one of the parent breeds than the other. There is a belief that Cavapoo is the healthiest but this is yet to be proven.

Cavapoos are highly adaptable, good for apartment living and very social even with strangers. Cavapoos see strangers just as friends that they have never met before.

However, you have to get the dog socialized at an early age so that he can get along well with strangers and other pets. Early socialization also makes sure that the dog becomes a well-rounded for you something that we all like to have in our dogs.

Cavapoo history 

Cavapoo is among one of the earliest hybrids or designer dogs as many like to call him that came from the mixing of two dog breeds.

cavoodle hybrid

The breeders’ main intention was to get a hypoallergenic dog breed for those dog lovers that are prone to suffer from dog-related allergies. Crossbreeding to get this hybrid was started in the 1950s. Breeding started in America. As time passed by the breed continued to grow in popularity.

However, the breeding of the Cavapoo is often credited to a 1990s Australian breeding program. They are said to have produced the first Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Both the Miniature and Toy Poodle can be used in the breeding of the Cavapoo. However, the Miniature Poodle is preferred by many breeders since many regard them as being prone to fewer health issues.


Cavapoos are not recognized by AKC although both of the parent breeds are recognized.

However, there are some Kennel clubs and organizations that recognize the Cavapoo. These are the Dog Registry of America Inc, American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Breed Registry, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, and the International Designer Canine Registry.

General Characteristics 

Cavapoo Summary Table

Size 9 to 14” inches
Weight 7 to 18 pounds – depending on whether they were crossed with a toy or miniature poodle
Lifespan 10 – 14 years
Breed Type Mixes and more
Purpose Companions and family dog
Suitable For Families and apartment living
Color Variations Gold, black, white, Blenheim(brown and white), or tricolor (black, white and tan)
Temperament Good-natured, Affectionate, Sociable, Loyal, Playful, Friendly
Other Names also known as the Cavoodle, Cavoos, Cavipoo, Cavadoodle, or Cavapoodle


On average a  Cavapoo puppy will mature to a size of 9 to 14 inches and a weight of 7 to 18 inches depending on the size of the Poodle that was used. However, you should not let the size of the Cavapoo be the only deciding factor for you when getting one of these dogs.

Cavapoo faces are usually compact and they have large brows and long fringe floppy ears. Eyes are wide-set, large and round adding to that innocent and expressive look.

They also have a long muzzle with a cute bottom nose. Something else that adds to the attractive look of this dog is the are the small round, fluffy feet.

Cavapoo coat 

Cavadoodles have three different types of coats which are:

  • Wool
  • Fleece which is the most common
  • Hair

Cavapoos can have different types of fur which all depends on the genes that are inherited from the parent breeds. Most of the dogs have a wavy or curly coat. Cavapoos that have a hairy coat is quite wiry and rough almost similar to that of Terriers.

The wool coats have tight curls which makes them low-shedding. Some Cavapoos inherit the Poodle’s coat which is usually soft, but some inherit the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel coat which has a silky feel to it, is longer and wavier. Cavapoos that inherit the Poodle is usually hypoallergenic and shed very little.

The color of the coat also widely varies. This is due to the color combinations of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle. The most common colors are white, chestnut, black and tri-color while other colors are sable, cream, phantom, red sable, and apricot.

Is the Cavapoo hypoallergenic?

No dog can be 100% hypoallergenic.

Cavapoos are bred from the Poodle which is considered to be hypoallergenic. So, if you are an allergic sufferer then this dog might be suited for you. This is because the causes little to no allergic reactions although it is not guaranteed.

But you should remember that this all depends on what you are allergic to. So, if you are allergic to dog saliva or urine then you may also be allergic to dogs such as the Poodle and Cavapoodle which are considered to be hypoallergenic.

If you are allergic to dog dander then a Cavapoo will do just fine because he sheds less and in the process produces less dander as compared to other dogs that might cause allergic reactions.

Before buying a Cavapoodle puppy then it would be in your best interest if you spent time with an adult Cavapoodle. This is because puppies produce fewer allergens as compared to adult dogs.

Cavoodle temperament and personality 



Exercise requirements 4 star
Ease of training 5 star
Friendliness 5 star
Adaptability 5 star
Ease of care 4 star
Sociability 5 star


If you are wondering why Cavapoos are so popular then you should know it is because of their personality. This is a small dog that has a big heart.

Cavapoo is a dog that is people-oriented and has a strong desire to please. This makes him a pleasant and obedient dog which are good combinations for you if you are planning to get this dog.

These dogs tend to incredibly smart thanks to their parent breed the Poodle which is listed as one of the smartest dog breeds on the planet. Due to their intelligence training, these dogs are fun as they always want to learn new tricks and commands.

The desire for Cavapoos to be around people makes these dogs susceptible to separation anxiety if you leave them alone. You might not want a dog that is too clingy and that is why you need to invest time and train the dog that he can be left alone for some time.

Don’t think of your Cavoodle as a lap dog as they are not. Cavoodles are active dogs that thrive in high energy activities such as playing, swimming, hiking as so on. A walk in the park would also cut it.

Is Cavapoos good with children?

Cavapoos are outgoing and affectionate dogs making them good with children. They like playing as much as children do. However, when you are introducing your Cavapoo puppy to your kids you should be careful. Kids can get extra cheerful and rowdy when they get a puppy and in the process end up hurting or frightening the Cavapoo puppy.

If this happens the puppy could develop a fear towards children that would prove difficult for you to deal with later.

A person of any age would find the personality of a Cavapoodle appealing. This applies even to older people as Cavapoos would make great companions for them.

Is Cavapoo a barker?

Cavapoos don’t have a reputation to bark a lot. However, some dogs can be noisier than others. This all depends on genetics, the environment and the training that you give him. He may bark when he sees a stranger at the door but this will just be to alert you. Even with that said he will not react with aggression towards the stranger but rather welcome them with enthusiasm just like he would do for any other family member.

Also, you should not expect a Cockapoo to be a guard but he will tend to protect the house if he has inherited a lot of the Poodle’s genes.

Feeding a Cavapoo

The most important decision you should make when it comes to a Cavapoodle’s health and wellness is choosing the right diet.

Making this decision can be hard because there are so many choices out there that are being pushed and advertised. Options are ranging from wet kibble, dry kibble, canned to raw food. This is why you should do your research and get well informed on what the best diet is.

This is a small breed but he can use 40 calories per pound of the body weight each day.

Research has shown that dogs are more carnivores than there are omnivorous this means that they need meat in their diet. However, they can still survive on other foods such as vegetables or grains. So, this simply means that they more meat that you feed your Cavapoo the healthier he will become.

Something else that you should consider before feeding your Cavapoo is the age of the pooch. Transitioning from one food to another can be a tricky process but should be done slowly and carefully.


Feeding puppies

Once you have gotten your Cavapoo puppy from a breeder or a rescue shelter you may want to change the puppy’s diet. This should not be done too fast as it may cause stomach upset to the dog. You should transition in slowly in a way that will not affect your pooch.

Puppies that are up to 4 months should be fed 4 times a day. You should not free feed your puppy as he may grow overweight.

Have a strict feeding schedule with intervals where he can go to the bathroom. Raw food is not recommended for puppies due to their fragile digestive system. At this age, you should not give your puppy too much protein as it may overspeed their growth and affect bone development.

As the puppy matures you can start feeding him 2 times a day. You can introduce your puppy to bones but be careful not to give him cooked bones.

Cavapoos are considered to be adults once they reach 12 months of age. At this age, you can feed the dog once or twice every day.

Speak to your veterinarian to get advice on what the best diet for your dog is and if you notice and if you notice any health issues that may be food-related.

kibble tips: 

Read the labels to make sure that meat is the main ingredient which should be at least 70%. The more the meat that is in the kibble the better it will be for your pooch.

Consider what is in the kibble besides meat. Some kibble contains fillers like grains which some dogs may be allergic to so the lesser the percentage the better.

Look for a label that says that the meal is complete and balanced. Any time you see that label you should know that it a good sign.

Pick the food product that is marked for small dogs as Cavapoodle is a small dog breed.

Calorie requirements

Adult; 300-600 calories

Puppy; 480-940 calories

Exercise requirements 

Although Cavapoo is a gentle and mellow dog he loves to exercise thanks to his Poodle genes.

Anywhere from 30-60 minutes of exercise every day will be good for the dog before he lays down to rest.

When they are not playing or running in the yard yo can simply play brain games with them as this is a really intelligent dog.

Just don’t use too many food games to prevent overeating. What you can do is split their meal times into game rewards.

Cavapoo grooming 

This breed is considered to be a high maintenance breed although he doesn’t shed much.

The attention that a Cavapoo requires is more than other dogs do. This is mostly for those Cavapoos that have inherited the Poodle’s coat which easily gets tangled(happens especially in the armpits and the collar sits or harness) unless well taken care of.

You must familiarize your pooch with grooming while he is still young to prevent having trouble when he gets older.

Visit a groomer after every to have your dog professionally groomed and clipped.


One of the best brushes to use while grooming your Cavapoo is a pin and bristle brush(a simple two-sided brush). The softer side is used for styling the coat while the harder metal side is used for getting minor tangles out.

You need to brush the coat several times a week to keep it free of tangles and soft. It is also important that you brush the coat after bathing the dog as it can frizz and lead to future tangles.

While brushing you need to make sure that you start it from a small section(head or foot) and go on covering the rest of the body. Be gentle with the dog while brushing.

To get out those major tangles and knots from your dog use a metal brush that has wide teeth. You can also get a de-matting comb that is used for the same purpose.

Hair trimming:

If you don’t have experience with trimming your Cavapoodle then it would be better if you took him to a professional groomer.

Tell your groomer how you want your dog to look since there is no standard for trimming a Cavapoo’s hair. Some owners prefer the Teddy bear clip which keeps the body and legs relatively short with a round face.

It is recommended that you carry a photo showing how you want your pooch to be trimmed.

There is hair that grows in the ears which can lead to infections and eventually lead to sinus issues. To prevent this make sure that your groomer has plucked the hair from the dog’s ears.

The ears should be kept clean as the Cavvy parent breed is prone to ear infections. Wipe the ears with clean, damp clothing. Also, don’t forget to frequently clean the dog’s teeth.

Nail clipping:

If your dog is walking and you hear the nails hitting the floor then that means that there are too long. The nails need to cut if the dog frequently walks on cement surfaces or any other hard surfaces.

Nail clipping and trimming can be done by a professional groomer that is if you don’t feel comfortable while doing it yourself.

You will need a pair of good nail clippers to do this by yourself.

Cavapoo Training requirements

Cavapoo is a highly trainable hybrid. This crossbreed is not completely established and the claims cannot be fully proven as each generation usually has different traits. However, if you own a Cavapoo you will find that he responds well to reward-based training and positive reinforcement.

Using negative reinforcements and punishment may result in the dog being aggressive from fear and anxiety.

For example, if you want to train your dog to sit, reward him when he sits. The dog quickly associates the behavior with a reward and will always react positively. If she fails to sit then do not punish her and instead of doing this then just ignore the behavior.

Potty training should be your priority immediately your dog gets home or when the Cavapoo is still a puppy. To learn more about toilet training you can visit the article in this link. Crate training should be your next priority.

Once you have completed the home training you can now move on to manners training. You should train your dog to stop jumping on people and that biting is not good behavior. Details are in the articles in the links.

Make sure that your dog does not get bored as he may end with some behaviors that you may not like such as biting, barking, chewing on stuff and even digging.

Early socialization is important, introducing the dog to the world and other different people and animals. This is so that they don’t respond with fear or aggression as they will have already experienced a different side of the world apart from home.

Known health issues with this Poodle mix

Just like any other dog crossbreeds and mixes are susceptible to inherited diseases and genetic health problems. Cavapoos are susceptible to health problems of both the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle.

With this said there is also a chance that the crossbreeding these two dog breeds lower the chances of certain inherited health complications.

Some of the health-related problems with the Cavapoo are:

Hip dysplasia

This is an inherited condition where the bone at the thigh fails to fit hip joint snugly. Some dogs will show signs of pain on one or both of the rear legs but others may not show any sign that they are not comfortable. To diagnose the best thing you can do is to get an x-ray screening. As the dog gets older he may develop arthritis.

Patellar luxation

This condition is also known as stifles and is a condition that is common in small dogs. Luxation means the dislocation of an anatomical part. Patellar luxation occurs when the dog’s kneecap(patella) is gets dislocated from the grove of the thigh bone in the femur causing a lot of pain to the dog. This condition can also cause your dog to get crippled but your Cavapoo can still lead a normal life even with the condition.

Heart defects

This condition is common due to the prevalence of this condition in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Retinal atrophy

Progressive Retinal Atrophy(PRA) is an inherited condition.

The degeneration of the retinal nerve cells may cause night blindness, loss of vision in Cavapoos. This is a common issue in many hybrids and pedigrees.

Pros and cons of the Cavapoo



Cavapoo is a low shedding suited for allergy sufferers Cavoodles are not suited for owners that are busy
Cavapoodle can easily adapt to life in an apartment and have a long lifespan Cavapoos cannot be left alone for long periods of time as they can develop behavioral issues and separation anxiety
They come in different colors sizes and textures giving you a wide variety to choose from Cavapoodles are nor recommended for owners that have very young children
Cavapoos have a sweet appearance Grooming takes a lot of time and attention
Cavoodles are good therapy dogs thanks to their kind, affectionate, sensitive and placid temperament Even if they are well socialized and trained Cavoodles have a tendency to chase smaller animals
These dogs have a high intelligence and energy levels They can develop hereditary health issues
They are highly trainable and are always ready to learn new tricks and commands Cavapoodles are very sensitive to heat and too much heat could kill them
Cavoodle get along well with children and other pets When they are young Cavoodles should not be over-exercised due to their sensitive bones and joints
They are good companion dogs These dogs are super clingy following their owners everywhere they go
Cavapoodles are recognized by the Dog Registry of America Inc, American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Breed Registry, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, and the International Designer Canine Registry. Cavapoos are not recognized by AKC
cavapoo puppy
Cavapoo puppies

Breeds Similar to the Cavapoo

Cockapoo = Poodle + Cocker Spaniel

Maltipoo =  Poodle + Maltese

Labradoodle = Poodle + Labrador

Goldendoodle = Poodle + Golden Retriever

Schnoodle = Poodle + Schnauzer crossbreed

Peekapoo = Poodle + Pekingese

Yorkipoo = Poodle + Yorkshire Terrier

Pomapoo = Poodle + Pomeranian

Pomapoo = Poodle + Pomeranian

Chipoo = Poodle + Chihuahua

Poochon = Poodle + Bichon Frise

Doxiepoo = Poodle + Dachshund

Bernedoodle = Poodle + Bernese Mountain Dog

Bassetoodle = Poodle + Basset Hound

Boxerdoodle = Poodle + Boxer

Bossi-Poo = Poodle + Boston Terrier

Lhasa Poo = Poodle + Lhasa Apso

Eskapoo = Poodle + American Eskimo

Jack-A-Poo = Poodle + Jack Russell Terrier

Breed summary

Cavoodle have the intelligence of a Poodle and the gentle nature of the Cavalier king Charles Spaniel.

This breed is a good family pet and will fit in any family.

They are highly trainable and are always ready to learn new tricks and commands.

There you go WOOF!!

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