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Why using dog electric collars can be harmful to your dog

Dog Electric collars

We are going to talk about dog electric collars sometimes know as shock collars.

dog electric collars

Are Electric collars necessary?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is how you want to establish your dog education on obligation and punishment or trust and reward. There are several justifications given for using this type of collar. One of them being their effectiveness but so far there are a few studies using both survey and fieldwork to prove that it is more effective than positive reinforcement.dog electric collars

Effects on your dog

Positive reinforcement is as much more effective for successful dog training. One of the main problems with so-called dog electric collars is that it is very difficult to determine the right moment to apply punishment and what intensity of shock they should use.

It is always recommended that when you don’t know the right time to punish you should not punish at all. With this type of electrical punishment, it is very hard to know the right time to use it. We can worsen the situation. Applying it at the wrong time means dogs will begin to make negative associations with the wrong people/circumstances.

In terms of health and well-being, studies show that dog electric collars increase stress levels thereby harming the animal’s welfare. If we look at the 5 freedoms of animal welfare is to see that one is to never cause undue pain and suffering to the animal. The power and force of these collars depend on the manufacturer but also depending on the individual dog.

When you train your dog using dog electric collars they will try to show you appeasement to stop you from using the collar and hurting them. Continuous use means they see you as ignoring these signs and eventually lead to the dog not responding at all. Dogs can start showing signs of aggression with continued use. This is completely counterproductive to the purpose of training your dogs in the first place. So you should consider other methods of training your dog.

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