Why Does your Dog Scoot?

Does your dog scoot? Get to know why and what you can do about it  

Ever had issues with your dog scooting? This is very common in dogs and most dog owners don’t know why their dog scoot. Some owners find this hilarious but have you ever stopped to think this is a sign of a problem in your dog. Well in this article we are going to explain why exactly your dog scoots.

To start with scooting is where dogs drag their bums. You can imagine he is sitting up and he comes in from being outside, he is up on his front legs and he is dragging his bum for instance along the car park.

So, what are the causes of scooting? There are four reasons why your dog does this.

dog scoot
scooting dog

Anal irritation

The first thing and the most obvious is that your dog has an itchy anus. Most likely is that he has a fecal matter or something at the back of his anus, he is itchy and that makes him drag his bum. Another very common reason why your dog may be itchy is that he has an allergy. There are different parts of their body that are inflamed and red and just has to drag his bum. Scooting is just a way for him to scratch.

Dog scoot due to parasites

Another possible reason for scooting is that your dog could have parasites. Some type of intestinal parasite and in most cases, this is caused by tapeworms. When our dogs have tapeworms seldom it leads to itchiness and bum dragging. That is a possibility.


Another possibility that is not very likely could be mass or tumor. Your dog could have some type of growth like an anal adenoma. These growths occur in different parts of the dog’s body, it could be on the anus and in fact in some cases that could make the dog drag his bum.

Anal gland impaction

Probably the most common cause though could be from an obstructed anal gland. The most common sign that your dog’s anal glands are obstructed is him dragging his bum.

What you can when you see your dog scoot?

So, what should you do if this is happening to your own dog? If it is not a persistent thing then you don’t have to worry. But if this happens throughout the day, something that daily happens then you need to be investigating it. Obviously, you can go to visit your veterinarian. You can also take some of these matters to your own hands.

First have a look, lift up your dog’s tail and check out his anus. The thing you are looking to see is if anything is irritated, is it red, is there any fecal matter. Just have a look to see. It could be that there is some growth and you could be able to see that. Then if that is the case you are going to go in and get your dog examined by your veterinarian. That is the most obvious thing. If there if feces around his anus then you should get a damp cloth, moisten it and gently wipe it off.

The other thing is checking for your dog’s anal glands and feel if they need to be expressed. First, you need to know where the anal glands are located. If you like draw a line at the middle of the anus they are just under that. They are circular, they are under the anal tissue going deep inside. As your dog defecates the purpose is, they fluidly and they are then supposed to be expressed naturally. In some dogs that doesn’t happen. So that means that you need to express them. Well, we had earlier written an article on how you can do that by yourself. So, to read that article just click this link.

There you go WOOF!!

How to Express Dog’s Anal Glands?

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