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Can Dogs sniff out cancer?

Dogs can sniff out early signs of cancer in humans

Man’s best friend could also someday soon become an important part of his healthcare routine as a recent study presented at a conference for the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has found that dogs have the ability to sniff out cancer.

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According to ASBMB, canine noses are 10,000 times better at detecting odors than human noses. Using basic training researchers were able to teach 3 dogs to sniff out traces of lung cancer in blood samples. The dogs were Able to do so with 96.7% accuracy.

According to the study’s lead researcher,” This work is very exciting because it paves the way for further research along two paths, both of which could lead to new cancer-detection tools.”

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One she says is simply training and using cancer detecting dogs to screen blood samples and another where researchers figure out what exact compounds that dogs are detecting and then design a cancer screening test based on that.

After all, dogs are already trained to keep human lives safe on the streets and at home, so why not train them to do it at the doctor’s office as well.

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