Blue Lacy

  • Blue Lacy
  • Hypoallergenic: no
  • Height: Male: 18–21 inches (46–53 cm), Female: 18–21 inches (46–53 cm)
  • Weight: Male: 35–50 lbs (16–23 kg), Female: 30–45 lbs (14–20 kg)
  • Coat: short, smooth and tight
  • Life Span: 14-16 years
  • Temperament: Devoted, Intelligent, Bold, Alert, Active, Intense
  • Overview:

    The Lacy Dog or Blue Lacy Dog is a breed of working dog that originated in Texas in the mid-19th century. The Lacy was first recognized in 2001 by the Texas Senate. In Senate Resolution No. 436, the 77th Legislature honored the Lacy as “a true Texas breed”.

    The Blue Lacy, also called the Lacy Dog, is an energetic, intelligent, and trainable breed that loves having a job to do and a lot of open space to run around. Even though the breed has “Blue” in its name, Blue Lacys can also have red or tri-colored coats. Blue Lacys shed an average amount, though the shedding is heavier seasonally.