• Bloodhound
  • Hypoallergenic: no
  • Height: Female: 23–25 inches (58–64 cm), Male: 25–27 inches (64–69 cm)
  • Weight: Female: 80–100 lbs (36–45 kg), Male: 90–110 lbs (41–50 kg)
  • Coat: short coat
  • Life Span: 10 – 12 years
  • Temperament: Stubborn, Even Tempered, Affectionate, Gentle
  • Overview:

    The Bloodhound is a large scent hound, originally bred for hunting deer, wild boar and, since the Middle Ages, for tracking people. Believed to be descended from hounds once kept at the Abbey of Saint-Hubert, Belgium, it is known to French speakers as the Chien de Saint-Hubert.

    Often recognized for its long ears and wrinkled face, the Bloodhound has a keen sense of smell and an extraordinary ability to follow a scent — even scents that are days old. Bloodhounds shed seasonally, in the spring and fall.